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Pacman Space Games: Is the US deal flow wave to cross over the Ocean ?

Due to the global health context, this year’s SIRIUS Space Talks are taking place exceptionally online, in the form of a 2-hour webinar open to all, subject to prior registration.

This year’s theme is that of company deal flow, which is emerging in many sectors, particularly in the space industry. The beginning of 2020 was marked by a few significant transactions, mainly in the United States: AE Industrial Parners took control of Adcole Maryland Aerospace and Deep Space System. Redwire acquired Made in Space. Amergint Technologies Holdings purchased Raytheon Technologies. Amergint became the main shareholder of Tethers Unlimited. Voyager Space Holding acquired Pioneer Astronautics.

Could this wave of transactions cross the Atlantic Ocean? Will it reinforce the trend that has been observed in Europe in recent months towards a significant increase of private investors in the financing of European start-up companies? Should we expect, in the next coming months, a multiplication of transactions in the European space sector?

The webinar will offer an opportunity to learn more from guest speakers. An interactive Q&A session will follow their presentations. A pitches session of three space start-up companies in front of a jury of space business angels and private investors will conclude the webinar.

 We look forward to welcoming you online on december 3 from 4:35 to 6:30 CET. Registration is now open and free of charge.


  • William Ricard and Mathieu Luinaud (PwC)
  • Alexander MacDonald (NASA)
  • Candace Johnson (Seraphim Capital/EBAN Space)
  • Sébastien Moranta (ESPI)
  • Lucien Rapp and Maria Rhimbassen (SIRIUS Chair)
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